Adoption Blues

It’s inconceivable that these parasites adopt foreign kids to then later dump them to a unknown family that could maybe be worst than they are. Thousand of ungrateful, selfish couples dump international adopted kids to strangers for stupid reasons and their system of strategy, the internet, is making it very easy to re-home an unwanted child no matter what’s the consequences.

I’m out of words! I’m in my 40’s now and to think that some jackasses like these do this on a daily basis while people like me can’t have the financial resources to bring a kid into this world naturally and artificially, plus dealing with the high cost of adoption so called services (foreign and domestic) provides it makes my blood boil to a crisp. Having children, takes a huge amount of responsibility and sacrifice and don’t forget a safety net, financially, morally ethically to raise a child, no matter what nationality is. These animals don’t deserve to have a kid no matter how much money they could find (illegally in most cases) in order to cheat the system.

Yahoo did a investigating report by spying on groups online. After a year confirming these groups method is re-homing foreign kids, Yahoo shut it down, and it wasn’t just one but more than 5 groups. You think it’s over? Nope, another group in on Facebook and I think there’s more scattered around the internet promote this behavior of placing them to strangers with no attorneys, no fees and no regulations. These cowards who re-home these innocent kids like pets, should be arrested and throw away the key, their children (if any) should be taken away and problem solved. Almost.

Still, there’s strict guidelines and impossible expensive “fees” for adopting a kid, yet still adoption agencies doesn’t investigate deeper on their future parents. Behavioral and Mental background checks should be mandatory, if they find any defective on their record, that means they can’t adopt. Another thing is the discouraging Foster Agencies that post on their website, pictures of grown kids with behavioral, mental and physical problems, that couples that don’t have the thousands to pay for a private agency are severally up in arms. I been there.

For all these people who read my post and some friends who tell me that why don’t I adopt, maybe they should read this news before making that comment for couples dealing with infertility who are struggling financially but are willing to have a kid no matter how.


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