Having conflicts with my hair ever since I was born has never been merrier. As a woman of color, my hair was constantly on chemicals and relaxers since age 7 or 6. My mother chopped it up when I was in junior high facing plenty of bullying for years. As I got into my 20’s, I got into the exciting world of hair extensions. My 30’s I bleached my hair, color it, still relaxers a must do for me, since I couldn’t fix my curly hair. In the end, I was feeling ashamed of my hair because of what society constitutes a nice hair. Which is straight perfect hair. After pushing my hair to the limits, it sadly started to deteriorate in my late 30’s when I started losing hair. It was strands upon strands of hair, every time I washed it, so didn’t have no choice than stop with the chemically induced products to make my hair straight and make it natural.

Many women of color are not happy with their hair. They bleach it, cut it, make it straight with relaxers, and put ridiculous extensions to their damaged scalps in order to look more eurocentric. When it goes to come clean and make our hair “natural” there’s goes another battle. Since I live in a small town, most “beauty salons” don’t want to even experiment with my hair, don’t know how to do cornrows or braids and it’s frustrating. I feel an outcast, so I rather do what I know in order to keep my hair natural and heal it the best possible. Also, why society denigrates Black women who uses extensions? It’s nothing wrong using it as far if it’s the same color and type of hair. The issue that as far as I go is this, why Black women hair is named “Ethnic” and why the bashing?

Can a Black woman be beautiful in her own way? Natural or just playing with it, we have the right to maintain, be creative with our hair. It’s not self-hate, it’s not making us more eurocentric. It’s just to be unique.


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