Gosh, What the Hell Does He Thinks He IS?


Thank god I didn’t vote for this jackass for another four years. But people were at it crossroads when they have to decide between a greedy bastard (Romney), and a Player (Obama) but they forgot to vote for the alternatives which the media rarely mention. And now the people are paying the price. Between the dysfunctional “Obamacare”, the disorganized “Immigration Reform”, “Benghazi Disaster”, “Sluggish Economy” among other issues, this is another problem that the people and even me can say “That’s Fuckin’ Enough!”

The issue with Syria and their village being attacked by chemical weapons is nothing new. It just went exaggerated from day one and it’s still ready to pop at any minute with another world war caused by the big bully United States. How come Syria got the attention worldwide without even getting at it’s source of why this village got attacked and what the Syria government (if it’s any) is doing. That’s common sense. Leave the United States out of their problem. But it’s not gonna happen. Obama is asking like a spoil child to Congress if he can go, I mean, new meats who enlisted the army, to put a stop to their civil war. And he’s gonna order, with their blessings… or without. Either way, he wants to start a war, that has nothing to do with the issues of the west.

The majority of Americans don’t want this. They rather want their jobs back, so they can provide to their families or an effective health care system than sending unemployed and minorities to sign on to the Army, ship them off overseas to fight a war they don’t even know about. It’s about, we have more problems over here to be taken care of than wasting tax payer’s money taken out of our hard earned paychecks and income tax to fund this “civil war”. It’s unnecessary, unless as I wrote before, Syria has oil reserves. It’s always about what’s behind the reasons for involving themselves in the middle of it. Even the military personnel doesn’t want to do anything with it.

Now, the question remains. Should the people impeach Barrack Obama and the present government? Because Congress, Senate are just as guilty as the present administration, and it have to put a stop to it. It’s not about Al’Queda and the Muslims, it gets serious when it’s about greed at the cost of innocent people on both sides of the road.


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