Generation of Pussies

This morning I was listening to Rush Limbaugh for a few minutes after listening to Alex Jones and this guy was talking about in part of the so-called “Feminism” movement. How the men are NOT required to take care of their own kids and so forth. I was like after all that this country is going through, this is one epidemic that actually is destroying families and its a chain that doesn’t fade away.

I always say that Feminism destroyed the very essence of the family structure where the men are the SOLE providers of the household and the women were the MOTHERS, WIVES and CARETAKERS. It doesn’t make them slaves, it doesn’t make them denigrated, it’s part of the circle of life, or it used to. Now after the “equal” pay rights and “equal” treatment towards the weaker sex, it become apparent that the feminism movement and ideology have make a big mistake and their future children are paying the consequences.

Before Feminism movement, divorce in the 30’s through 60’s were minimal or non-existent. Couples were dealing with their problems without using the term “I’m divorcing you.” They were together for the sake of their children. As it was difficult and impossible to survive as a single mom and there were no federal assistance programs. As soon as the hippie movement, civil rights, and easier changes for couples to file for divorce, filing for divorce just skyrocketed it became a norm during the 70’s thru the 90’s. Children who are lacking the father in the picture are more susceptible to crime, mental illness and poverty because of their lack of moral compass, lack of empathy, lack of support. Minorities suffers the most of it effects, because mostly is unwed women because of their idea that they don’t need a man to take care of them, unless they’re sugar daddies while living on food stamps attracts them. Women denigrated men into a pulp that they turned into pussies where all these women needed from them is sexual gratification and kids. Women don’t need men because they have careers, travel all “around” the world (except India and Middle East), they “tried” to take care of their kids with the financial help of the inseminator and in the end, it turned into a big pile of poop and gloom.

Men used to have the reins of the relationship. Who could use chivalry, charms, romanticism to swipe the woman, he wants to get married, off their feet. Now, they’re losing that energy and out of focus with what they want. Their aggressiveness has gone awry. Their decisions are becoming erratic.  And they’re just sitting ducks while the woman uses her sex to get replacement after another. And that, has to stop. Like the spoil child, men have to grab her by the head and scold them. Or either they have to work together as a family  or just keep the way it is right now, and don’t complain when your children are in jail, or in a mental asylum or total psychopaths or worst, a generation of pussy males.


2 thoughts on “Generation of Pussies

  1. I don’t think a chivalrous man can have the reins within the relationship, because ultimately such a man is being manipulated by his woman to become expendable by her. Chivalrous men are the betas, not the alphas.

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