Ichy Finger

After that horrible scene in Syria with chemical weapons used in a small village in Damascus, the US is taking advantage of the situation by trying to start a WW3. Oh great! the Cowboy mentality is going to a unknown country to start a brawl when he can’t even fix his own life, put himself together.

Now the US world police has come to really screw these things up even further. Why Syria doesn’t solve the issue themselves? Why the US have to be in the middle of all this. Then you have to ask, what Syria has that US wants? Syria has oil. Any conflict with Syria means the US wants it resources at any cost, even if they have to pull off this scenario of chemical nerve gas in a unknown village. And why the police and emergency response didn’t arrive in time? Why the video shows corpses in the beginning to rot, and not videos of minutes after the attack? Okay, I know is a small village but after it there’s another district, it’s not like that village is very isolated from Damascus or any other city or village. To me it sounds suspicious than actually a horrifying insensitive attack on civilians caused by some group of rebels. Why the government doesn’t do anything about it? Are they’re sitting ducks? Like that news report, there’s more questions than answers and US can’t wait to get their hands into that oil before some other country can get it.

Another war based on what the US is facing is unnecessary as going to a shopping spree with maxed out credit cards. Either way it will end up bad. It doesn’t look good on us as citizens, and the government doesn’t care because our tax money is being funded to kill people that we don’t even know about by their bragging weapons of mass destruction. If Syria didn’t have any resources United States will say… “Oh, let their government deal with it themselves”. But since, they have oil, it’s a different story. And I bet, they’re gonna be home defeated, cause Russia and Iraq are supporting Syria.

United States have to deal with it, why don’t they create alternatives to the oil “crisis”? United States has oil, why don’t they drill in their land? Why they don’t use other alternatives to make oil last longer in our cars as 100mpg. Well, someone did it and he was shot dead. It’s all about control and demand. Not about saving this “poor” country from “dictatorship.”

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