Music Industry Apocalypse

Miley Cyrus did WHAT? One Direction got booed? Lady Gaga extensive costume changes? This is one reason I don’t watch or listen to radio these days. Trashy “artists” trying to “shock” the audience by using the sex appeal and private parts makes me think. Gosh, thank god my brain cells weren’t killed by watching MTV these days. MTV doesn’t mean music television where Video DJ’s were explaining and showing videos that cost a few thousands and took a few days to make, some in hours. Videos make a point in not only promoting the artist and their music, it was telling a story, their identity and their beliefs, no matter how controversial it may seem. I used to watch MTV when I was in my teens during the late 80’s and early 90’s and it was memorable I enjoyed it every second of it glued my face to the TV. MTV music awards were a celebration of their accomplishments and that’s when “Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll” became firecrackers with their music style, eccentricities and their excess that came along with. And yes, don’t forget their talent.

But now a days… it’s just mediocrity. Music industry these days are focused of making a one hit wonder than a full album people won’t forget. MTV is more of another network aimed at young adults to be as morally disturbed as a whore in the corner offering her services in the middle of the night, and programs that has nothing to do with promoting artists (real artists) putting a foot in the door on the music industry or for the listeners. Videos are scarce on the network full of rappers cussing every 4 seconds, or even less, or spoiled brats singing with the help of Antares Autotune or any voice enhance software to make them sound like they can sing, while showing their crotch or boobs in scantily clothing. Lyrics are so forgettable, it’s no doubt there’s no poetry in their content. It’s no use if they show up naked, if they don’t have talent there’s no use for being controversial. It’s all about money and what they can do with money, specially the music industry. And VMA is just that, a circus full of old freaks that tried to impress in the past and they’re doing failing new tricks to leave a permanent mark but instead left a sour aftertaste.

Can’t complain, there’s a lot of good artists out there who aren’t in the music biz that uses social media to get the people to know them. Soundcloud, Youtube, Grooveshark, offers a variety of artists that are truly good of what they do and don’t need flashy lights and software to make them look or sound like they can sing. If people support these artists, these clowns that has been constantly putting their lackluster songs and image in all media outlets should be out of the picture, period.


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