I’m sooo Confused

During the following news of the insensitive killing of Christopher Lane a few days ago that caused not only sensationalism by all media outlets but I felt a strong bad vibe that this is the beginning of Black Hunting on top of what they have been surviving for centuries. Not only that as I read the news this morning, 70 miles away from where I live, in Spokane, Washington another killing occurred involving a retired World War II Veteran, well loved in his community dead. Two African-American teens robbed this old man and injured him, which his frail body couldn’t resists it and died in the hospital. But what it strikes me is this it’s a simple robbery went wrong and thanx to CNN it escalated into sensationalism at it extremes by demonizing these teens, posting a video of them telling if they found them call the police. When in fact, When its a teen and committed a crime, their names and photos can’t be revealed no matter how serious is the crime. And that’s not all, more stories like these and the latest one of a active ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) having another role as a self-proclaimed hate supremacist for a group called “War on the Horizon”. This group believes in preparing themselves against the upbringing of whites against blacks. A race war… of all the problems were facing in this country from the denigrated economy, to dealing with a corrupted government and dealing with douchebags, this should be the least of our problems. Remember “Divided We Fall” everybody?

But living in a non-diversed community where all I see is white people, it’s hard to manage. I too see the tension when they look at me. Even if they feel a little threatened even if they smile politely at me. I deal with these people on the daily basis. I live isolated from them even though I hold a job and tried to be normal. It’s been years that my hair gets pampered by a hair salon because they don’t treat “ethnic” hair. I don’t go to bars for the fear of drunk guys threatening me or insulting me, I don’t go out to summer activities in the town, because mostly I felt like a black bean in front of hundreds of rice. The only good thing about me is that I have good job references. I live there for almost 9 years and I changed from a outgoing person to a very careful person. Yes, I also endured the long stares, the rejections just because I tried to fit in a community that tries to keep not diverse.

Every time there’s news about African-American men or women commit a crime or do some bit of a extreme, everybody is already judging them. It’s the norm. It’s a race war and anybody that’s not white, they’re already being hanged no matter how positive they contribute in the community they live in.


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