If you’re bored, get a job!

Here we go again! Three stupid kids between the ages of 15, 16 and 17 killed a promising college baseball player from Australia because they’re bored and have nothing to do. Bored and nothing to do? Are you kidding me? How come they decided to get a gun and start shooting and innocent guy, a guy with a future, while these kids didn’t have any, oh well, now they have a future of being labeled the most hated and stupid kids of all Oklahoma. Don’t know if they have the death penalty in Oklahoma but putting them behind bars isn’t gonna be enough for them, even if they put them in a maximum security prison. I just wonder, if their parents or perhaps single mothers would handle that, after all that lack of teaching they forgot to give them to act like careless monsters.

And just because they got bored, they decided to kill a stranger? What’s wrong with these people? Where’s their common sense? Where’s their good judgement? I can’t find any other words than, hey, you kill someone with no mercy, I think lethal injection doesn’t do much justice either. These kids, now in the process of being trial as adults, didn’t have moral compass, didn’t have self control or any empathy for human life that decided if they were bored instead of getting a job or go fishing or ride bikes or play videogames or any other regular activities, if was in their poor decision of picking a gun and start shooting a guy that has no relationship to them whatsoever.

Another thing, since they’re not adults, there’s speculations that they were African-American kids. Doesn’t suppose that their names and identities shouldn’t be revealed since they’re minors regardless of race? Why the bashing towards Blacks? If they were white kids, would the anger be the same? A kid is a kid no matter the race, but this is plain race hatin’ propaganda.

In the meantime, Australia as well as the US are behaving like kids back and forth on the blaming game. Now tourism in the US is battered as well. Meanwhile, these kids could have something to do to think about what they did. They should get a job in the first place, but now it’s all too little too late.



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