Dear One Pissed Mother

This letter you send to a family of a handicapped kid with autism represent the real person that you are. A coward, selfish, egotistical bitch who cares about yourself instead of dealing with the fact that you’re not the queen bee of the neighborhood and don’t have the right to tell them what to do with their kid which I think you should do the same since you have kids of your own because of your lack of values, caring and empathy.

While I read the letter which is posted all around Twitter and now all media outlets, not only in your hometown of Newcastle, Ontario but around the world you should have been ashamed of yourself for posting a heartless and hateful letter full of excessive exclamation points desperate to get out and a wrong Spanish word. Not only you shame yourself but shamed the neighborhood you live in, not only that, you destroyed their reputation.

Who cares if the kid makes strange noises! I bet you make weird noises too while watching porn by yourself.  If noises intimidate you, guess what, there’s earplugs for that, or you can move all by yourself at some cheap motel or out of there.
Calling wild animal kid to a stranger while perhaps you treat your own kids like nuisance doesn’t have the right to say what’s on your wicked mind of yours and posted on a cheap paper and ink. They know they have a special needs child, it’s their problem, not yours to decide what’s “best” for the kid. Besides, the kid stays during the summer while he goes to school the rest of the year.

I hope the Ontario Police will find you because of your DNA you imprinted on the letter and shown your cowardly face. You might be hateful but you not that bright on sending a letter without putting gloves on.

Next time, use what’s left of your judgement, have some dignity and put your kids up to foster care and leave them to a very capable family, because you’re gonna have a hell of a ride, from jail. So, have fun where it last!

By the way, it’s not vamose, it’s vayase in Spanish.


One Pissed Off Citizen


4 thoughts on “Dear One Pissed Mother

  1. You are profiling and assuming the author is an adult female. They may have used pink paper and claimed to be a Mother so you would suspect that person instead.

    People with severe Autism can cause damage and pose a physical danger to others. Was the Grandmother monitoring him? Able to restrain him if he got out of control? Maybe several neighbors had brought up the issue with her and she ignored it? That would result in a letter with harsh words to make sure she got the message…

    There is responsibility in society. If you have Pit Bull and let him run down the streets you can get a ticket. If that Pit Bull kills somebody you can be held for manslaughter. If you have a parrot that screeches too loud you can be ticketed. Or a radio, or operating machinery at the wrong hours. While most people with Autism are not going to do anything, some of them do have the capability. Neighbors shouldn’t have to deal with it.

  2. Ok, I got a question for you. If it’s your case of having an autism child in your neighborhood. Would you rather send an insulting letter or talk to the family or move out of the area or better yet be tolerant? The decisions of that woman wasn’t right or sensitive. She have to know (and everyone else) that unless she’s a rich bitch she could move out of the area to a desert island if she don’t want to deal with the kid. Obviously, you cant compare a human being with an animal such as a Pit Bull no matter how “dangerous” they could be. It’s his parents responsibility to handle this kid, but it’s also the people tolerance to deal with this issue with respect and dignity.

    Neighbors shouldn’t have to deal with it, but they can support the family of a handicapped child instead of ignoring the issue, once again with respect and dignity.

  3. The teemager is staying at his Grandmother’s. Who knows how recent that began?… Nobody takes the time to write a letter unless other easier forms of communication have failed. Most likely the caretakers were asked multiple times to watch the teen closer and they ignored the pleas. The neighborhood was getting upset and finally some one did something about it… And sever autism is dangerous. People have been killed because of it.

  4. I don’t think the neighborhood getting upset of the issue and seriously he’s staying at his Grandmother during the summer. Gosh, he’s not staying all year! Severe autism is dangerous? If it’s not treated, yes it should but we can’t hold that kid and institutionalized him if that what you asking. Don’t know if they have caretakers or any caretaker program, since Canada’s Health Care is very different than that US. But to think that the neighbors were upset with the issue I surely don’t believe that idea. As the video shown (and I linked) neighbors were cheering and supporting the kid during the interview. They’re not irresponsible parents, they’re hard working people who deals with autism the best they can. Not leaving up to the Grandma to take care of the kid while they go partying. If you have any more proof of it rather than assumptions, I will accept it with microscope. But all I see is just a immature person writing an offensive threatening letter to a family who just wants to live as normal as they can.

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