You Didn’t know?

A African American mother named his son Mesiah, but the judge in Tennessee ordered to change the name from Messiah to “Martin”. With no ifs or but’s, the mother of the 7 month old, Jaleesa Martin didn’t agree with the decision of the name change by “judge” Lu Ann Bellew citing that since it’s a “Christian” community the name Messiah will cause a lot of problems in the future, not only in that community but in his life.

Both parents are placing an appeal of the case. And basically sounds more of a racism issue than changing just a “Christian” name. If celebrities named their own children unique and disturbed names, why this person have to be treated different? And why the name changed to just “Martin” since Trayton Martin was killed by a white dude and got away with it. Jaleesa called her older sons Micah and Mason and Micah is a religious name, of course. Mason is a common name meaning bricklayer. Messiah, is a religious name which means anointed and based on popularity names is ranking at 387.

After all is not the judge right to change the name just because of her so-called religious racist views. If the kid was white, she wouldn’t have any problems with it. But since is a Black kid, all hell breaks loose. I hope that the name of Messiah stays on this boy, since he’s a anointed blessing.


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