Absolutely Disgusting

Imagine you did the most controversial news story on showing to all the world that the NSA (National Security Agency) is more than spying on “terrorists”. Imagine the person interviewed will be the most hated and wanted man in the US because of spilling the secrets of that agency.  The news broke in outrage to both political parties, independents and conspiracy theorists as well. Now, imagine going to fly home and all of the sudden security wants you to go to their “office” and make you wait for 9 hours while searching for your personal belongings for incriminating information regarding the NSA and this loner who faced them.

David Miranda’s privacy have been breached at the UK airport when he was going home to Brazil, when security caught him off guard and make him wait for 9 hours while these gestapo style brutes were searching for information that could jeopardize even more on the NSA, plus maybe connections to fugitive Edward Snowden. They violated his rights, his freedom of speech by delivering a report that destroyed the NSA reputation (or whatever it has left). And they’re doing it in retaliation for delivering this snooping news. But wait a minute, here! It’s in the UK, right? Why the hell, the UK is involved in this twist and turns? Maybe, they’re still in alliance with the US and they’re giving them a favor. Maybe, the UK wants to locate Snowden and he was the last known person to talk to him and they’re gathering more information to incriminate him. Maybe, after that humiliating episode, Miranda as well as his working partner Glenn Gleenwald is going to retaliate against the UK government as well. But are the UK government, specially espionage, is afraid of him? Two guys, one tough pansy government.

Now reporters these days, they have to say what the government tells them to say. Not what’s wrong with the government, foreign and domestic.

And now another story

Ever wonder about the mainstream media showing Egypt after the people kicked former president out of the office for not doing his job. And it started a division between the former president followers and his haters. And the pictures and videos speak for themselves as a once a strong nation with promise went downhill over the spat. Actually it teaches something. You revolt against the government, it’s going to be a scary place to live in. And the media is doing just that. Showing to the Americans a common scare tactic, of changing their views of demanding impeachment, or making severe changes in the government. Showing freedom and liberty going for the pursuit of happiness by demanding the leader out of leadership shouldn’t be scaring Americans one bit. But this tactic is a way to uninspired viewers to retaliate against the government, even if it’s corrupted, snooping and thieves.


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