Earthly Elysium

I watched Elysium yesterday afternoon. The main character Max played by Matt Damon is a “reformed” guy going on probation, he had an accident which he have 5 days to live due to radioactive poisoning when the door got stuck, and the supervisor commanded him to fix it or he will be replaced. After the accident, the CEO dumps him along with a case of pills that can ease the horrible effects of the poisoning. In the year 2154 seems too long, but in that movie, poverty is the norm, not having the proper care where the hospital was extremely packed with ill patients left and right, waiting not to receive care but to die if they have serious illness like Cancer, Leukemia. The economy is in shambles. Robots are in charge of security but it’s not that safe to live. Desperate people will go to Elysium a space station catered to the ultra rich, where they have machines that can cure serious illness or complicated fractures. The bad part about this space station is that only the wealthy can be allow to live there, while the rest of the population is doomed to live on earth. This movie have a lot of sublime messages around it from the first scene to the last. From uneven distribution of wealth to immigration and class warfare, it reads that only with revolution, revolt can shake things either if it’s a small group like the gang member who provided Max the mech suit or one individual such as Max who remembers when he was a kid, his grandmother (speaking Spanish) told him that he’s amount to do great things and gave him a charm with a picture of earth inside it. He carried that charm up to the last breath on Elysium.

People can be amounted to great things. But in reality, people who do that on their own because of their believes are named and labeled “terrorists”. Groups and people who want to change what the government is doing that are against their constitutional rules and amendments are named “terrorist organizations”. And the wealthy are still on the one percent on top of the food chain influencing every corrupt senator, congressmen or political party to do their binding at the cost of millions of Americans, And many don’t want to know or are asleep. Meanwhile our cost of living skyrockets, our health care system is dysfunctional, our economy is losing ground, the whole government system is corrupted. And what are WE THE PEOPLE are doing? Watching America’s Got Talent or latest episodes of your favorite TV show doesn’t solve anything! Taking drugs or alcohol to make you happy doesn’t help you see the truth. Americans are very easily distracted, and then the rest of the world ask when would be the day that Americans are fed up with it. We’re becoming a nation of sadomasochists, of laughingstocks for decades.

Perhaps you may not agree with the contents of the movie. But besides, it could be a start of something greater or keep ignoring what’s going on to the point your children will suffer worst from it.


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