JC Penney’s Promoting Bullying?

A recent TV ad from the struggling JC Penney’s promotes that in order to dress to “impress” during the first day of the new school season, you have to “buy” their clothes. In one scene it shows a black kid surrounded by kids in the cafeteria and in a second, he’s all alone with the words “Break” on top of it. People were outraged specially Anti-Bully groups or associations demanding JC Penney’s to remove the ad. But the reality of this is more than bullying or remove the controversial ad. It’s about one, the kid self-esteem in a dangerous environment, and how society push kids that physical appearance is more important than learning.

I thought schools were to impart knowledge and learning, not a fashion show where the most popular kids have to be well dressed in their latest brands while the poorest ones are being bullied, ignored, mistreated and that’s why there’s suicides caused by these parasites. And they used to get away from it, for a short time until the Law took charge of it and they have to think twice before they’re doing it.

Every child have a potential to do something important in this world and commercialism, materialism and capitalism corrupt their minds, and they end up like so called “reality stars” of the worst kind. I believe the ad is pushing kids to demand their struggling parents to buy the latest clothes at a expensive and nearly to the point of bankrupt store to buy their latest fashions that are not American made. So, what’s the point? To look good, or to learn the real history of the United States, unfiltered, with no BS, to learn Math, Science without obstruction from religion and restart PE? The Department of Education is destroying your kids instead of educating them to face the real world with the right tools. Getting fashionable fit isn’t one of those tools. One remedy, impart school uniforms and it will end it.


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