Pink Ribbon Scam

As I watched “Pink Ribbons, Inc” a documentary about the truth about Pink Ribbon “Breast Cancer Awareness” including two main powerful “charity” organizations Susan G. Komen and Avon among others like Yoplait. Even these organizations are categorized as a “non-profit” earn millions of dollars every year out of the cost of naive women out there to donate in search of a “cure”, their cause is very shady. Still, I have my doubts and questions about what these organizations are doing to eradicate breast cancer or try to eradicate it.

This illness is a very known disease that has many factors from hereditary to chemical exposure, which entirely confuse the public, and yet corporations like pharmaceuticals and even beauty products are benefiting financially. But still after decades of walks, races, dangerous feats and charities there’s NO CURE, or any news regarding of alternatives treatments for cancer patients. There’s no formal investigations that comes into light while CNN unmasked a so-called Rehab Center for fraudulent practices, but didn’t unmask these “foundations” from keeping their money and doesn’t know where exactly goes. This scamming has to go, period.

Breast Cancer “awareness” has become a multimillion dollar business where no matter if you run, walk for the cure, their intentions are far away from finding a cure or better yet finance that money on free at no cost exams and procedures to people who can’t afford it. Instead of doing all these things and have a “positive” attitude, why don’t demand to these corporations to stop ripping off our hard earned money for in fact a true cure?

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4 thoughts on “Pink Ribbon Scam

  1. Hi Debbie:

    Thanks for visiting. But I just forgot one thing. If you enter a house and you want something, you or anyone should ask permission to take something borrowed. I respect everyone if they respect me or so on. My posts are not based in getting publicity (negative or positive), because the media specially social media is very cruel about it, and this is what I do, spilling the beans if people are offended or not, telling what’s going on in this country and giving them options. Don’t know what’s the reason for reblogging my blog to your site, but I’m very careful about it and I prefer that you ask me first before posting it. If you have any questions or just a quick chat, I will be glad to help or give a hand about this or any subjects. Once again, thank you for your visit and support.

    Omay Farlane 🙂

  2. I do not know all of the ins and out on blogging, so I apologize. I read your blog and agreed with it, so when I saw the “reblog” button I clicked on it. I will remove it.

  3. Don’t worry about it. You can reblog it, if you want. Thank you and I hope by watching the documentary I saw really open your eyes about this subject, just like I did.

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