Blood in Their Hands

Can’t believe this! In a plain 21th Century, still people are being denied care even if it’s life and death. I think Doctors from the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta have their noses up their ass and out of touch when 15 year old Anthony Stokes is denied of getting a heart transplant over the excuse of “noncompliance” meaning that a patient don’t follow Doctor follow-ups or medications. How a “noncompliance” is in the way between life and death? The real reason behind this is because of his troubles with the law and bad grades at school. How come being in trouble and having bad grades barred this kid or anyone from having a transplant. He’s not even a serial killer and yet society put titles on him just like they do on several African-American males over the course of centuries that they’re not worth anything. I never heard such a bullshit reason such as this. Why don’t the Administration of this so-called Hospital called this act like it is, pure and heartless racism over who have the right to live or leave it at it’s luck.

The Administration were given him medications for his enlarged heart as soon as he gets out of the so-called Hospital. And still in their statements, they’re going to seek “alternatives” to his care even though he have less than six months to live. Oh, my god! That’s caring, right? No! That’s still, giving him a consolation price and hope and pray he live more than that. Because, boy, this is going to be a really messy lawsuit, if the Stokes Family will find a caring fair lawyer with a heart. No one should be denied of medical care!

Recent Update:

Due to the recent extensive media coverage of this story, the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta finally decided to add Anthony Stoke to the wait list. Let’s hope this kid gets the treatment he deserves regardless of his condition or race.


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