I didn’t know that working at a fast food restaurant consider a career choice. I’m very surprised at this column of which fast food restaurants pays better and which ones pays least. You know you’re gonna say, McDonalds pays the lowest of the bunch, while Panera Bread pays better. Bellow in their comments sections, the most common sense comment were fast food restaurants are for young people who wants to get their first glimpse on their job experience. But in this crisis, everybody wants to get any job, even if its minimum wage. Any job is better than no job at all, right?

When high paying jobs are non-existent, specially manufacturing jobs, people will go to retail, hospitality and food service because, they have to provide their families. Nothing is for free in this world. That’s when capitalism goes into the scene, sadly. On the other hand, fast food workers are not that happy working in a environment that is stressful, not flexible with thier part-time short hours wants more than a dead end job. So, they’re protesting in hopes to get better working conditions. But while restaurants are earning times better than a crew member, still they won’t budge.

So what are the alternatives?
Raising minimum to living wage which is more than 10 bucks an hour?
Training tuition so they could get promoted or get a better job?
Make manufacturing jobs overseas come back to the states?

Capitalism is so complicated to fix it or mix it. People needs good paid jobs in urgent demand. But getting a low-paid, dead end job such as fast foods and trying to put a campaign to make it high paid, it’s very impossible to reach. Fast Food restaurants aren’t given up without a fight.


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