New Economy: Low-Wage Slavery

I read there’s reports there’s lots of jobs around the market. The bad thing is most of these jobs are part-time and low wage (based on minimum wage depending on what state) which makes potential candidates gag with anticipation. Not that much. This is surely going to make things worse. With no benefits, no overtime, no future and no cash to spend on. It’s worst than being unemployed. At least you have money and you go to work but in order to survive, you must take two or three jobs. And there’s no unions that can save it, and no remedy that can help it unless there’s a balance that can proportionate equal distribution of wealth.  But there’s no equal or distribution for that matter. Americans lost their good jobs, their good houses and now they have to deal with it, until like I always say, have the balls to kick the government out of their offices, literally.

How about this, implementing a law that big corporations have to pay a big fine (about millions) for outsourcing their factories elsewhere just because they just want to save money. And the money they pay from fines, it would be used to help displaced workers with training, or schooling of their choice to then get a better job. They would think twice about moving their stuff to third world countries that doesn’t have any security, laws and safety. Remember Bangladesh collapsed building?

Another thing is raise the minimum wage to a living wage. It would help the unemployed have motivation to get a job and keep that job and enjoy what they do. Companies has nothing to lose… except their greed is in the way. So that’s why there’s a lot of a false distribution of wealth, and that’s why were in the road we’re going.


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