Last week two former employees from Subway in Ohio, posted two disturbing and offensive photos on their Instagram account that cost them their jobs.

Cameron Boggs and Ian Jett posted one of their wieners while making bread for sandwiches and the other showed a bottle of frozen urine coming from their restaurant’s freezer. It may seem like out of the movie “waiting” but this is far from being a unharmed joke. Social media instead obliterated what’s left on their reputation for these guys, while the company they worked for is scared temporarily and their customers doubts have been put in question whether if safe to eat in their establishments or making their own food at home in so little time from their lunch time.

And then there’s the whole process of safe food handling, followed by the type of employees that the company hires and their training. But you might think “What do they expect from a fast food worker?” Well, fast food employees aren’t the ones at fault. If the company hires immature, rude obnoxious candidates, you gonna receive just that, a failing business. Most people who get hired to work in fast food restaurant, doesn’t learn food handling, even thought they have their state food handling card. A few learn about it. And management doesn’t give them the proper training to handle and prep the food safely.

In recent years we seem just that, employees risking losing their jobs doing stupid stunts and posted online which comes to another issue of keeping personal information private. Why the issue of being such attention whores to get famous? If you guys want to be famous, why don’t you guys take some acting classes instead? Leave serious people wanting to get a job to have one. These acts are NOT gonna be the first or the last. Now we have to be extra careful where we eat, specially at a fast food joint.


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