Did Repukes Came To a Solution?

Still I’m waiting for their Health Care Plan sponsored by the Republican Party.  Affordable Health Care Act or Obamacare will put the temporary bandage on a large wound, but what about the Republicans? Do they gonna eliminate the health insurance companies to the point that Doctors can charge patients fairly? If not, do they gonna include infertility treatments covered from 80% to 100%? Do they keep going for the no exclusions on pre-existing conditions and unlimited money coverage for long period care? And do they gonna cap the prices on every procedure to the point is very affordable for the patient, to avoid greed by Doctors?

Seriously, they didn’t came up with an idea, not even a thought of what’s a better plan than Obamacare can bring to millions of uninsured Americans. Sadly, in the red states, their leaders are very eager to not let this Act pass, for their sake of their rich interests with corporations. And let me ask you, who’s the bully this time? They rather incriminate, spew lies and fear just because they like being in control, since Mitt Romney didn’t win the Presidency and have to deal 4 year with this guy.

Still, Republicans can’t come to a solution to the Health Care Crisis. Didn’t in the past with the Bush Administration, and still nothing in the present. So why the bitching? Why the immature stares at the President at the cost of millions of uninsured Americans who are bankrupt, who are selling their houses to pay for their medical bills, and in many cases their wages had been garnished by ruthless bill collectors. They should be eligible for Medicaid which is their right, but Noooo, like Idaho it’s just a few minority of people are eligible, while the rest have to deal with low wages, no benefits but lots of bills that can’t pay, most of it medical. And it’s not their fault that they get sick. It’s not like, oh, it’s a great day to be sick. One day they’re ok and the next day they could be dead. And Republicans are taking advantage of the situation by viewing every American with a dollar sign instead of relieving this Health Care Crisis.

In the Meantime, if you guys (Republicans) have nothing else to do but bitch and complain and act like little children, shut the fuck up! Let the man do his job, if he succeeds, we celebrate, if he fails, let Americans vote him out or kick his ass out. Contra attacking his plans and sabotage it, sounds more like being envy of something they can’t even prove: Integrity.

Or either they could work with the President or get the fuck out, Republicans!


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