A Few Updates

It’s practically a little bit of normal.

  • The PS3 is fixed, working excellently. Paid $130.00 for the repair. Better than paying almost $269.00 for a new one.
  • My Yellow Lab is neutered a week ago and he’s doing fine. During the first night, I couldn’t sleep because he wasn’t comfortable to lay down. He didn’t cry or wimp but it worried me to the point that I cried and took the blame for it. Thanx to the Pet Shelter Rescue for the program I sign on to. I only paid $30.00 donation.
  • My anxiety took the worst in me. Worrying about what bills I have to pay doesn’t help either.
  • This Sunday afternoon, I received a call from my relative informing that my mother is in the hospital due to a stroke because of the change in her medications. It was scary, finding out a thousand miles away and can’t do shit about it. But at least, she’s pulling through and she will be home in a few days.
  • Writer Block is back, sadly. Maybe I could write about stuff, but it’s a pain in the ass trying to write.



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