Million of Possibilities, One Outcome

After all the news about a dead drug addicted actor, a racist douchebag getting away with it, Mc Donalds irrational view of how a minimum wage worker makes among other news that caught my eye for a couple of seconds. I just come to the conclusion that the US is a lost case. I could cry in disgust, I could be angry in disappointment, but what does help me? Nothing!

First of all, the dead of Cory Monteith in a hotel room who was a on/off drug addict doesn’t surprised me one bit. Jim Belushi had it worst and he was talented. He’s not. I have more sympathy with Talia Joy Castellano family for her passing after a brave battle with Cancer, than a drug-addict junkie. Movie and TV celebrities are drug users, period. Why people have to say that they’re not using drugs or alcohol? People have a attention span of a canoe.

I will never forget the day that the Florida Justice Dept. let go a criminal. George Zimmerman got away with it, and there’s no riots, protests or demonstration that can bring him back to the stand to face his crime. I’m numb. As my prior post about the incident, it makes me think that Black Men means nothing in society and people like this scum can walk free in Florida Neighborhoods. It makes me think that I rather trust a registered sex offender than a racist piece of shit even if we have the WW3. And now the Jurors who decided on that snafu, are talking to the press. There’s nothing to talk about, bitches! All you want is your so called 15 minutes of fame, or infamous fame after you guys screwed it for the whole nation. Thanks Ladies for dividing this nation far further to the point sooner we’re gonna have segregated areas like in the 50’s. Shouldn’t these women face charges for talking to the media too soon?

I read about McDonald’s along with Visa “suggested” a budget for the minimum wage earner. At their website it “recommends” a second job as part of a example for managing the budget. Now, the average minimum wage earner is $7.25, other states like Washington is two dollars more while Georgia and Wyoming is $5.15. Now in a low-wage earner situation, Idaho pays $7.25 an hour for 40 hours a week, which is $290 dollars a week, multiplied by two is $580, in a month would be $1160 before taxes. To rent an apartment is an average $450.00 to $600.00 a month, the utilities as Garbage, Electricity and Water could be $148.00 total (unless, in some cases it’s included in the rent), food if you’re on Food Stamps could be between $20.00 to $195.00 a month. If you have kids, that’s a lot more. But don’t forget the deductions on their checks such as Federal, State, Medicare, Health Insurance and the most dreaded of all Garnishments. Some people can afford on Phone bill if they’re using prepaid, car insurance in some cases and car payments. What do they have in return after paying all the bills? Minus? Take for example these workers from McDonalds, which one of them worked for 21 years in misery with no promotion, no raises, no future.

Imagine in Australia, a fast food worker earn the same as a office clerk here in the States which is $16.37. If these 5 people would be receiving that kind of pay, they would be getting aprox. $2619.20 which would help greatly in providing for themselves and their families. If big corporations like McDonalds, Walmart, Target earn billions and billions of dollars at the cost of the employee, better yet, the employee should be receiving more than minimum wage for their time and sacrifice making food, dealing with rude customers, stocking clothing, shoes. It’s not fair that minimum wage earners deserves to be stuck in limbo. That’s why Living Wage Bill can help for every American to get back on their feet and feel proud of what he/she’s doing for themselves and their children.

Last, but not least. The infamous cover of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s photo on the cover of Rolling Stone, caused a “slap in the face” specially Boston Marathon families. Rolling Stone is notorious for posting controversial pictures in the main page, so why Americans are so antsy about it? Because he “caused” the attack? Still, I don’t believe these two people were responsible for it. Still, I believe there’s an inside job which shows a lot of inconsistencies and photoshopped photos. And I think better off if he was dead too, so that every jackass can feel a false power of empowerment somehow.


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