Another Ignorant Group

If a 11 year old mariachi singer Sebastien de la Cruz wasn’t enough for the crowd of angry ignorant folks who can’t spell his name right or comments while Sebastien was singing the National Anthem. It wasn’t enough for American Born, Puerto Rican descent, Grammy award winner and actor Mark Anthony while singing “God Bless America” during the 84 annual MLB All Star Game. The comments from “Mexican” to “spic” struck the cord over who could sing the national anthem where the song “God Bless America” wasn’t created by an American. It was Irving Berlin in 1918 who is Russian. He immigrated to the US and became a great songwriter and musician. So, the same case is with Marc Anthony and Sebastien de la Cruz. Both were born in the US by Hispanic parents. Learned English while learning their heritage, their culture, the same as Irving Berlin when he came here, he did the same. And both are successful singers. So why the backlash? Why the ignorance about if it’s an “American” song it suppose to have an American person singing it, when it was in fact an immigrant who composed it? Two words: “Learn History!”

Not everything have to be Duck Dynasty, Honey Boo Boo and Kardashians Sluts. Pick up a history book about Puerto Rico which it’s a US territory, not a Mexican province. Learn the history of immigrants from other countries, who became successful. And stop being an asshole!

Another thing if an American would sing that song, it would be Native Americans.


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