A black man valued nothing

The aftermath of the case of the unjustified killing of Trayton Martin, means one thing in the state of Florida. If that loser slut who killed a toddler a couple of years ago and got away with it, so it happened with this racist piece of shit Zimmerman.

This life, that could be turn around cant see another day, cant hear the sounds of friends and feel his family. He could like any other kids have potential, but since his dark skin, his race placed in the common denominator, his future is tarnished forever by an act of injustice covered as self defense in the hands of an insensitive asshole that has no regards for human life, if the color of the skin is different.

In this country as I found out, the value of  Black man means nothing. He could be in sports, in entertainment, even in church but still people’s eyes look at the Black man as the evil man, con man, killer man, someone who can be feared. An animal tnat can’t control his “feral” insticts. And justice no matter how it claimed to be as impartial and diverse,  fail him and any Black man that confronted the law. Trayton Martin was in the wrong place at the wrong time, Zimmerman took the wrong decision to vanish this precious kid, without questions. Martin wasn’t a saint, but didn’t deserve this, not now, not ever.

Only time will know if Zimmerman could be able to walk free and safe in the streets of Florida with or without an angry mob chasing him down. Now that’s a great definktion of “Stand Your Ground” law.


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