Sour Dilemma

I’m in a bind here and it’s not funny. When Obamacare goes into effect on Oct 1, I, like millions of Americans are imposed to get a Health Insurance, no matter how expensive and unaffordable it is, when the open enrollment is up. Otherwise, I, like many others could be paying up a fine when I or they’re going to file for a tax return or paying income tax. I work like many displaced Americans in a Low-Wage Job. Idaho, sadly is a red state and I should investigate first before landing in here. But in order to get Medicaid, you have to be Pregnant or Disabled or a Senior over the age of 65. There’s no income guidelines to whether you’re qualified or not like other states. It’s just about that requirement. And for that the majority working Idahoans are either uninsured or broke because of employer’s health insurance package that is very expensive to pay.

My job offers health insurance but, it went up 5 dollars more. So it’s about $110.00 a month. If you get pay more than $500.00 a paycheck and have to pay bills, get groceries and fill the gas for your car, you maybe have nothing but a few dollars and cents. Meanwhile, my health insurance coverage I have to be put to use when I go to Doctors Visits, I have to pay $50.00. The deductibles are unachievable to reach. And yes, there’s no coverage for infertility treatments, like any other health insurance companies has. So, Idaho is struggling not to pass Medicaid expansion. What the hell they’re thinking? Oh wait a minute, these are Rich and Snobby Republicans who didn’t have an experience of becoming low workers or being in poverty are NOT gonna allow people who really need it to get Medicaid, but instead private corporations are taking the tab, by reducing care and bankrupt Americans in the process (if you don’t have a high paid job). With the Medicaid Expansion it will help low income workers get decent health care and avoid paying out of pocket where they don’t have, it will help greedy businesses save money on not giving them their corporate healthcare.

But the thing is, all I heard about Gov. Butch Otter is “We’re gonna wait”. Since Idaho don’t have a deadline to decide if they want to get the Medicaid expansion or get all their government funds eliminated from the map, these Idaho politicians decide whether a life in killed because of lack of health insurance and save a live because of Medicaid expansion. Time is not always at the essence for these douchebags. And neither Am I, since I have to choose whether I have to pay the penalty tax from my tax refund, or be broke and have to find a part-time job getting sicker than a old geezer at a nursing home.

It’s not fair. Obamacare lost it’s direction ever since it got voted by the Senate and Congress. It pushes the consumer at gunpoint to get health insurance with what left of money they have to pay it without having nothing to pay for doctor visits and other procedures or else they will “pay” the consequences. This isn’t what’s health affordability act should be! For me, in my fairness and understanding, what the health affordability act should be in the first place would be capping the prices of every procedure and doctor visit to the point that it is about how much you’re willing to pay depending on your income. Second, all those health insurance companies have to be out of the map, since they’re the cause of why medical cost are skyrocketing high. If you want to rip off people, go somewhere else. Third and more important make procedures like Gastric Bypass Surgeries, Infertility Treatments affordable for people who really needs it, not battling who have more money. Not out of pocket expenses more than it pay it’s share. And not charging for every item hospitals charge for every trip to the ER.

I just wonder if some people said that America has the better health care in the world, why the hell when I look a community bulletins there’s flyers of photographs of sick and ill people asking for money? Why friends and families died quickly without knowing what’s wrong with them? Why some are struggling with bills that they obviously can’t pay? Why Health Insurance companies are getting richer at the cost of the pain and suffering of their subscribers? America’s Health Care is worst than it was. And it’s not about deciding who’s gonna take the charge, it’s people who have to demand a true change for their sake of their lives.


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