More moving, less bithcing

As I read the misadventures of Edward Snowden, I just cant stop ignoring the fact that Americans are very Passive-Agressive in terms of making the Government accountable for every spending, every program that can benefit certain group, and how they manage our money taken out of our checks every time. And it’s not fair that any government, local, state or national have to keep everything under wraps, and suddenly we’re the last to know.

Unfortunately, that what happened. I didn’t know all my browsing over the internet, all the calls I made over the years, all the words I said in public were surveillance at some point. And what pisses me off is that there’s any, that I heard of, protesting. In Brazil, there’s protesters against a corrupt government that takes the Olympics first place rather than fixing poverty. In Egypt is the same thing. What the hell is going on with the US? Some crackhead celebrity had some baby? We’re are we going? Are we gonna allow the government to kick our asses, while stealing billions of dollars from our paychecks without knowing where that money is truly headed? Or are we gonna pressure the government to tell the truth and rectify what had done and change some people in power?

How many protests or “peaceful”rallies had been out there ever since Snowden told the world about it? NONE! We’re being distracted easily, by issues like immigration, gay marriage, gun control and Obamacare that we forgot the important part, our rights to know what’s our government is doing behind closed doors.


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