This afternoon when my boyfriend turned on his PS3 to play “Bordelands 2” with his friend online our PS3 got the flashing Yellow Light. We couldn’t know what’s going on until we searched online for it and the results are very dismal. Our beloved system for more than 3 years of being used, sadly stopped working. In other words, it died. I searched for remedies to try to fix it or try to find an answer to all this, but I only got trapped with these options:

  • Buy a new console for $299.99 retail at a new video store in this small town
  • Getting a used one at Amazon which the shipping and handling sucks ass
  • Getting a new one at rent a center which it’s double or triple the price
  • Send it to Sony and pay an outstanding $159.00 for repairs because our warranty is out.

The problem? We’re broke! He got the console by rent a center and pay it off in a year, and actually we’re not rich. But we decided we start saving at least 50 bucks every payday to get a new PS3. He’s very sad because he was eager to play GTA V on his birthday and now it’s almost ruined. And I’m frustrated, because I don’t have good credit, don’t have credit cards to solve that. But anyway, it was great years with it for the past 3 years. At least it wasn’t that bad. We’re gonna find a way to solve it, somehow.



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