Rihanna a Role Model? I Don’t Think So!

Then again, no celebrity in the single mind would ever consider being a role model because they’re have secrets that can threaten their careers. If they found out, it would be their downfall.

Liz Jones, a reporter on the British newspaper “The Daily Mail” wrote a column about Rihanna calling her a toxic role model,  poisonous princess among it. I read it and it’s nothing new. Rihanna is still Rihanna, she make irrational decisions about who she loves, hates and what she wants and she has the money to do it, she had talent, not the one that will knock everybody’s socks off, but she can sing, dance (even thought not in the way I would consider it) and an actress (even thought Battleship sunk at the Box Office) and yes, she post provocative photos at her Instagram that blocked the imagination of every jackass in the world.

First of all, I truly NOT a fan of Rihanna or any other so called “artist” that does or doesn’t have the talent and have to use their titties and pussies to the whole wide world from their lyrics to their scandalous, uncensored dances and don’t forget their debauchery selfish lifestyle. But it’s not their fault they act that way! It’s your fault for supporting these so-called “artists” to be like they are. A Bunch of Douches.

I know that in order to be a great “artist” you must have a great voice, a charismatic personality, lots of patience, equilibrium and if possible dancing and acting capabilities. Their private lives would be remain private unless they want to share a little of their lives with their fans. But now-a-days they’re a open book, that could be not beneficial to their fans or reporters. Remember, one false move and these reporters will judge and obliterate your career. And then there’s gonna be like Amanda Bynes throwing bongs around, wearing wigs and making up stories.

An extra advise to girls out there, learn women’s history. There’s women that set a mark in history in the past. Learn from them. Don’t learn from garbage like that.


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