Having a Job Isn’t Fun Anymore

In the past, people who held a job was a signal of prosperity, plain and simple. People had enough to supply to their families, have time to have fun, had benefits that would pay them in the long run as soon as they retire. Workers were happy, employers were happy. Everything went fine.

Until in the past decades of regulations and rules to benefit the corporations to save money, by cutting hours or laying off employees, relocate their factories or offices to foreign countries that doesn’t have any security towards employees, while other companies can’t deal with the high costs of health insurance, overtime and holiday pay that they just want it off the map. Employees are living paycheck to paycheck, where if they do one simple bad move, they’re fired with no one to defend them. Their paycheck isn’t enough to get by because of all the Federal, State taxes, Medicare and Social Security the government have been withheld without objection from the payee, that might NOT be used when you retire while someone else does. And what about work conditions? Gossiping, verbal backstabbing, dealing with a bad unstable psycho boss isn’t making employees stay, mostly they just rather leave, get the fuck out of the place which is worst than having unsanitary and dangerous work conditions. Staying on the same position for years with limited or no pay increase destroys your soul and there’s no Unions to help you out.

Americans are NOT becoming lazy or spoiled like many people had said over the past months. Americans had simply given up on unfair productivity when there’s nothing to bargain for in return. “You must like and enjoy your job” people said, but Americans can’t work for free or nearly free while having accidents or illness that can’t afford to pay and bills piled up, and that’s why foreigners in China will do all with smiling faces of desperation. And corporations are unfocused of what employees want, instead it’s just how a company can survive with less work power to earn big bucks.

Corporations can give every employee, specially younger workers, “amenities” but if they pay minimum wage, no benefits, no overtime, no paid vacation,  do you think they will stay working for long?

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2 thoughts on “Having a Job Isn’t Fun Anymore

  1. Hey! I completely hear you about having a job. Now in days the only way to get ahead in our society is take care of yourself and not the corporation you work for. I was at your point of frustration about 5 years ago and made the decision to do what ever I needed to do to get out of the daily grind I was in. Here I am now moving to Bali just months later and quitting my job in Corporate America 🙂

  2. I’m glad you’re leaving the States and search your dreams. Thanx for your opinion, and it’s well said. Corporate America is a well founded controlled association in order to make themselves rich at the cost of the lower civilization.

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