Photography Was Killed By Amateur Junk

Recently the Chicago Sun-Times restructuring phase was very heartbreaking as it is confusing to some. The photography department that held over the past decades Pulitzer among other awards, have being lay off in a cold meeting Thursday morning at the Holiday Inn in Chicago. Their reason for the rash decision? To hire freelance reporters that can handle photo and video. This newspaper have been struggling in last years due to the economy and among people are more inclined to get information in digital form.

I know the economy is bad, but also the art of photography has been downgrading ever since. It’s sad that this company let these talented and experienced individuals go, and instead opting for amateurs that doesn’t know nothing about exposure, composition, depth of field, rules and knowledge to go through them the whole time. But it’s not an excuse to throw these people out like they’re nothing. I know that it’s not the expensive camera that can make a photographer, it’s the common sense that go along with it.

Photography is a difficult career to live with. I been into this. I learned, I developed but still if you don’t have any good connections, you’re doomed. I was losing money than earning. And in the end even thought I received good reviews of my photos placed in a galeria-coffeehouse I didn’t sell any. It was heart wrenching for me after all the work I did for the past three years, and felt I wasn’t taken seriously. I tried too much that I just quit and find an alternative to how to earn money. But don’t know where to start and that’s what’s happening to the group of 28 experienced and renown photographers who don’t know what to do either since their passion and what they good at is replaced by reporters who have to use Iphones for content and video and amateurs who are “learning” how to use a camera, not a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex).  But some people can overcome it, others would go to another path. These photographers dedicated their lives delivering stories outside the writing desk and capture for generations, and they would not give up without a fight.

It’s very easy to replace, but it’s going to be difficult have the same work ethic, professionalism with an amateur with an Iphone… (Gosh! I hate those phones!)


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