Southern Idiocracy

The news of famous chef Paula Deen being bashed, over saying the N-word, please just call it like it is, it’s nigger, it’s about how far this word would go in society. Her excuses spanned from where she’s from, in Georgia, to the way her parents educated her, the society she used to lived in the era of pre-civil rights where segregation was everywhere. Still, I’m not convinced that this person have a heart of “gold” when it comes to diversity.

Mrs. Deen sweet charming smile soon faded after she received a lawsuit by one of her former employees for harassment and discrimination. In the court documents showed in detail some of her comments about a catering for a wedding in which she told that little niggers should wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties, you know in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around. How heartless that bitch is. Her real colors, I mean lack of, are showing and for that Food Network drop the renewal of her contract that is ending on June 30.

Now many people will tell, oh she didn’t meant to. Meant to? Segregation is dead but imaginary segregation is alive and kicking. Now that’s very embarrassing to see that Southerners still have a grudge over a race that they didn’t want to be brought in this country in the first place. And how African-Americans have been treated like scum for centuries, until they say that’s enough. And still are fighting to remove the stigma associated with being Black.

What this person still didn’t acknowledge is that we have our first African-American President, we have a lot of liberties and rights that we couldn’t have that in the past, and slowly we’re growing as a community that needs healing. Food Network did what it should done because they don’t want to be associated with a person that might be the happiest person on Earth, but her words and actions screwed up their image even thought Deen apologized numerous times with no avail.

What it supposed to be done in the Southern community still attached to their KKK values is to, and it sounds very difficult, is to leave their beliefs about Blacks, Gays and their so called “Christian” beliefs and adopt a tolerance approach. Maybe eliminating Hate Groups from their start might be a good idea.


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