Haters will be Ignorants… and Haters.

The news of a young kid singing the National Anthem at a NBA playoff  or any sporting event is very positive, uplifting and moving event. When a child sings it, every problem that this country has, every heartache, every division will fade for a few minutes and marveled at the strong consistent voice of a innocent and carefree child. It “was” a great way to show the American spirit and influence us to move forward, no matter what’s the road ahead.

Until now. A Mexican-American born in this country but raised in the Mexican culture sang the anthem. While the people were cheering at his powerful and majestic voice. Something wasn’t right in the atmosphere. Even thought he was singing in English, he was dressed in a Mexican traditional “Charro” which is a traditional suit dressed by horsemen in Mexico. It consists of a black suit adorned with silver or gold like linings. And in the present time, Mexican singers use these kind of clothing when they sing rancheras at concerts. It’s not offensive since they’re coming from Mexico, but from a American born but raised in the Mexican culture that Americans are so eager to eradicate from the map is a hit in the balls to them.

After Sebastien De La Cruz, a former America’s Got Talent contestant, sang the National Anthem it created such a division among “Natives” and among Mexican-Americans that created a tons of hate from e-mails, to tweets to facebook pages. It was like going up to a civil war where so-called  “natives” can’t stand “foreigners” even if they’re born in a land that wasn’t theirs in the first place to begin with starting with their “bragging” rights.

All I can say about this “beautiful” event turned into a hatred fest is part of a publicity stunt/propaganda aimed at inciting haters and defenders to scream up to their lungs insulting back and forth. It started a child’s play where one cheats and caused a huge fight where no one wins.

If this boy was dressed in a elegant suit and tie like the announcer in the video, things would be different. People would be hypnotic at his strong voice and still feel proud of a country that believe it or not, it’s not theirs to begin with. How can be hating someone else, just because he was proud of his heritage when these haters doesn’t know about theirs? How they’re pushing assimilation to a young kid, when they can’t be assimilated themselves? Why the hating, why the ignorance? Children can change if they’re disciplined, but an unruly child cannot be disciplined, no matter how hard you teach them and it’s best to let it go thru their own damnation. Haters will be haters, no matter if they had no talent or ability to tell what they think is best for strangers just because they want to feel superior when their pecker doesn’t stand a chance.

In a country of men, there’s still a group of selfish, spoiled children that needs to be spank.


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