One Millions Hags

I found out this morning an organization that aims at content from the media that finds not suitable for kids. Now their target is at Kraft for posting a racy ad of a naked bearded guy who is covered by a checkered table cloth. These organization what it does is bitch and moan at every content that is not appropriated for their little bundles of joy. One word, hypocrisy. Why bashing at Kraft, when Kim Kardashian, single pregnant whores and selfish lazy mothers put their own children (some against their will) to participate in “beauty” pageants? If they’re sooo conservative, why they didn’t bash Maury Povich talk show or wrestling since it promotes violence?

I just wonder what their strategy besides bitch and moan. It’s a barely naked guy advertizing salad dressing. Oh wait, there’s ads for Cougar dating, so why the hell they doesn’t bash that! It has no merit. They got publicity, that’s for sure.

Update on the story: As I searched on their website One Million Moms, it was just about “urging” you to write letters to advertisers to cancel their spots on TV shows that deemed not appropriate. But it doesn’t include:

Kim Kardashian “reality show”(except for Mattel Barbie project they’re trying to do with “that” brand)
Todlers and Tiaras
Pregnant and Dating

Why the obsession to get these shows:

The Fosters
Save Me
Preacher’s Daughters
Biggest Loser (over the “foul” language)
666 Park Avenue (Cancelled)
The New Normal
The Soul Man
The Bitch from Apt. 23
The Client List

cancelled over issues that is part of what’s being human. This is getting less or more like they’re trying to be like running chickens with their heads cut off by any scene or plot of the show or any ad that’s not in their “Christian” beliefs. If you don’t want any content from advertising, radio, tv, maybe they should shut down the TV, Radio and get to live in Utah or Alaska. Don’t put your ideals to anyone else just because you find these “offensive” in your “Christian” beliefs. There’s a lot of issues that had to be addressed in your community or religion that is more serious than “announcing” sin but can’t announce themselves as sinners.

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