I Even Don’t Pity The Fool!

I can’t imagine in many years people don’t even want to learn their lesson in life. What’s pissing me off is people like Kim Kardashian take motherhood a bad name in order to get dollar bills, all in the name of entertainment. The part of entertainment, by being a single mother without any type of moral support, specially from the unlucky and dumb sperm donor cheating boyfriend while jeopardizing her health, is ridiculing herself in the media. I never in my life ever heard of a narcissistic, selfish, ego-psychotic piece of shit that is Kim.

All that money in the world that she could used for something constructive, is using on extreme plastic surgeries, booze and perhaps drugs. But since she’s don’t have a moral compass, or determination and yes, it’s too late to get an abortion, All she wants is publicity and the effect she wants is for everybody to feel pity of her. People who want attention are either insecure or have some sort of mental illness. And her family has both.

Right now I don’t feel any sympathy at her at all. There’s a lot of couples waiting and hoping they could have a family, but due to their infertility and the cost associated with it, its impossible. I am one of these millions of women who are dealing with this stigma everyday. This woman should learn her lesson first hand. Single motherhood isn’t something to be glamorized, idolized and make it look like it’s nothing to be ashamed of. What about TV networks starts giving shows about the effects of infertility and how a childless couple is dealing on a day to day basis, and stop spreading garbage like “Pregnant and Dating” which is more than a group of whores looking for a sugar daddy than giving the child up to adoption.

The consequences of being a single mom, is the first, the deterioration and collapse of traditional family. The lack of guidance by the both parents who aren’t int the picture and the lack of emotional support. I always tell the same thing over and over, if you’re not ready to have kids, don’t have sex or use a damn condom. But people are so dumb and stupid, we’re creating a bunch of idiots down the road. And Kim is NOT the exception. She could have all the money in the world, but you can’t fix stupid.


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