Apple and Microsoft Went Cold.

Electronics are very competitive and aggressive market to follow. Yesterday, Apple introduced at their annual conference the “new and improved” Mac Pro which is resembled a circular waste basket, and they guaranteed that it will be the most powerful desktop that had ever created. For a few thousand dollars, and if you have the money, that cylinder is yours to compete with all those normal desktops and the popular all-in-one systems in the market. But wait a minute? Apple has been going downhill ever since Jobs passed away, so why this weird expensive piece of junk is going to be a hit, when normal people uses Samsung, Acer and Hp? If they were critizising about innovation, why the hell they can’t innovate on cheaper models on their products when they launch on the first try in order to get the people interested?

For me, I can’t afford thousand of a Mac, or any other Apple product because I don’t have the money for it, plus they lower the price by every next generation that comes out. But still can’t afford it.

Another thing that bothered me was the “launch” of the Xbox One. Honestly, this is going to be a failed example of what not to announce the product when there’s a lot of work to be done in order to compete with Sony. One of the issues that concerns me is the blockage of used games in their system, along with their steep price of $500.00 bucks for the hardcore gamers. But it is worth it? I think NOT? Unless they change that policy of not using used games, and their pricing? That would be a so and so for me, but still I won’t be inclined to buy it.

There was an article I read about the Xbox One and Ps4 yesterday and these words stuck in my head. “If both consoles were going to be expensive, it would be the end of the gaming consoles.” And that blogger is going to be right on that point, when people opted for mobile games that are actually increasing in fan base and more creative original games coming out to tablets everyday, do the casual gamers are going back to consoles? Remember Wii U?


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