Empty wallets

A few years ago when I was on Facebbok, they started with social games starting with Mafia Wars, Farmville and some others. The main gaming company was zynga. Their concept was very simple, you play the game a certain amount of time and when you’re out of energy, either you have to wait a certain time for it to be replenished or use your debit or credit card to get facebook coins. But as time progressed many so called game companies, started to get into the van wagon zynga got in. Many games resurfaced using the same method instead of causing entertainment for the consumer instead it ripping them off, if they’re not stupid. Out of energy? Takes half an hour to an hour at least. Using crappy armor and want some powerful weapons or making crops harvest fast? Use your Facebook coins to be a bad ass in the battlefield or farmer fields. Their trick to create revenue by obliging casual players to buy with cash indirectly worked for them in the short run.

But with the evolution of tablets and mobile phones, still there’s games that uses the same stragedy and it’s becoming more stressful to play a so called “free”game to later developers ask for money. Still while millons of people are jobless or trying to survive in this downturn, businesses in the gaming industry played foul by fooling consumers and then leaving them with empty wallets and in some cases missing their items that they purchased. It’s a dirty trick that the social gamers are sick and tired. And that’s why the inminent decline of zynga came with the layoff of 15, 000 people.

If honesty were in it’s place, I think zynga could be better and bigger. I know that nothing is free in this world. But one thing is honesty and another greed up their ass.


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