Big Brother is Staying for Dinner and a Movie

I can’t imagine a world that you’ll be constantly watched from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Your routines, actions and words are constantly watched. If you do a bad move or say against who’s feeding you, who’s “taking” care of you, who’s “defending” you, you’re in out for a ride. The not kind of good ride.  In the meantime, we pay taxes, work, pay bills to get by day by day while the higher up are living up like riches on a shopping spree. With their best healthcare system, education and don’t forget their position in high hierarchy. But when someone rises against the establishment by posting their long kept secrets, or either that person is dead or bruised and battered in all terms.

The controversial stance of the NSA of surveying every American who’s using two basic things: Phone and Internet or usually The World Wide Web, shook it’s nation to the core in terms of who do we trust and can a government trusts it’s people. The issue is very simple, in order to “get the terrorist” they have to check your browsing, your calls and even your bank transactions. If they see something “suspicious” they “catch” it. It has been for years, until one guy told a UK newspaper “The Guardian” to spread their tactic. The whistleblower in question was a former CIA employee who worked in a private business company and he’s “hiding” in a hotel in Hong Kong. He believed that the government has no right to “supervise” literally what Americans are doing in their normal lives. Pres. Obama knew that issue and he was basically drawing excuse after excuse like a dancing puppet trying to calm the audience unsuccessfully to avoid people throwing rotten vegetables at him.

But what should we expect from a individual who is selected by a few and has no free will in his decisions unless it’s in on script? What infuriates me is the lack of cojones, average Americans lack to express their discontent with what government handle things. In other terms cojones, means balls. Edward Snowden saw, spoke the truth and hide in, of all places, a non-capitalist country with no freedom in the Capital of China, where all imports are manufactured and send up overseas and guess who’s buying? American People. And Snowden is waiting to see if the China government wouldn’t kick him out to the US of A, if they do, he would be doomed. Not only himself but his family as well.

In the meantime, our browsing, playing, watching movies and shows had been breached. And it’s going to be in the long run.


3 thoughts on “Big Brother is Staying for Dinner and a Movie

  1. They’ve been watching us for years. I think it’s insane that all these cell phones have GPS in them. They know where you are at all times. I find it to be an invasion of privacy. Also all your text messages are NEVER deleted. The governemnt stores them all in a central database so they can always go back and see what you wrote. Bit much right?

  2. We are a open book for them, sadly. The book and the movie 1984 is a prophetic example of what’s going on now-a-days.

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