One of my favorite movies that felt a little bit identified, is the post-apocalyptic movie “Children of Men. In the most curious scene it shows a product named “Quietus” which were some type of injections to be able to peacefully fade away. That’s means to die.

Now in real life, that’s another 20 bucks when the issue of right to die have become a inconvenience with religion and moral beliefs that blocks the wishes of some people who wants to end their suffering no matter what’s the reason.

Lately, with the death of two “life coaches” in NY by committing suicide, now the issue is once again on the spotlight. The factors of why suicide is rising in at alarming rate is more than just the physical condition. The weaken economy, the lack of effective mental treatments for the mentally ill, and effective suicide prevention programs funded by states or government makes people prone to commit, that if the government let them.

For this couple, it was a well done plan. But what would happened if they fail to do that? It would be a serious backlash, humiliation and don’t forget the bills and fines they have to pay for being rescued. I remember very clearly the day that I decided to put an end to myself. It was a cloudy November afternoon, and the reason was that I lost my job and I didn’t knew how to cope since I have clinical depression. I thought I was going to be ending up in the streets since I didn’t have any support. That day, I took a package of sleeping pills, plus another brand of sleeping pills. And waited. I went out, visited a friend and came back. As the sky went dark, I chickened out, I panicked. I turned into the biggest coward in the world. And quickly called the “suicide prevention” hotline which they called the ambulance after I was incoherent. After that it was just humiliating, from the stares of the people to the nurses at the hospital which began the road to so called recovery. The only consequence and I’m still suffer is short memory loss. After that incident, going to pick my pieces is still a obstacle road with setbacks after another but I’m still here. Yes, I’m human and there were times that I consider ending my life, but after I went through I rather suffer right now in living than not feeling anything if I’m gone.

Still the decision over suicide can’t be under the government or religious control. It have to be the person’s will, not denying their right if they choose to and not punish them.


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