Stupid is as Stupid Does, Mrs. Judge

Oh my gosh! What is this country going to? A judge in Texas who serves on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and was a Bush-era Supreme Court frontrunner, commented at The University of Pennsylvania in February (why that long to post it on the news?) that African-Americans and Latinos are more prone to violence than “others.” And I just ask, really?

I never heard of a Latino or African-American individual committed mass killings as killing children in a school or shoot indiscriminately on public places as movie theaters and universities, mostly is “others.” Committing crimes has no justification or excuse no matter what race, so why this “judge” spew a very ignorant comment in a conference. The worst part is they waited a couple of months before the media finds out about this issue. By the time she commented, she should be resigning or fired a long time ago.

Gosh! Can you think before you say stupid stuff Mrs. Edith Jones?


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