Cancer isn’t that Glamorous.

I read in the past weeks Angelina Jolie “courageous” act to cutting her own boobs, because she was carrying the BRCA 1 Gene, that causes breast and ovarian cancer. While everybody applauded and admired her for her “courage” my opinion and my commentary in this delicate issue baffles me. As I try not to put offensive content,  by being respectfully polite I’m still on the same road of thoughts since day one and I can’t help it. It’s just in my genes!

One of my concerns is Jolie isn’t a hard working single mother dealing with food stamps, lack of health insurance because she can’t afford it or in many cases, ineligible for Medicaid unless she’s pregnant (for example, Idaho). She’s an actress that does so and so movies, receiving millions for every blockbuster she works on. She have the money to adopt foreign children, where other families are obviously asking for money on and others have to give it up. She have the money to fix herself in finding out if she have Cancer. Other people doesn’t and they find out too late when they’re in the ER.  Do you think it’s fair that even though there’s a lot of “charities” destined to “help” cancer patients, some of the money doesn’t go to the right hands? There’s always an excuse of paying sponsors and what not. But doesn’t these “charity” programs like “Susan G. Komen Foundation” and others help middle class and low income people too in paying for their tests, medications, hospitalizations? What’s the issue with “Racing for the cure” when the pharmaceutical companies are making excuse after why there’s no solid cure for any type of Cancer but still wasting millions of dollars in advertising. It’s just a monopoly at it’s best at the cost of millions of people’s lives.

Jolie is one of the few people that have the money to examine for Cancer while on the other hand, my sister-in-law wasn’t that lucky. She heavily lost weight, uninsured she ended in the Hospital where they found she had an aggressive form of Stomach Cancer. Since then it was a nightmare that I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Trying to apply for disability, Medicaid and any other government assistance was a downhill battle for her because of loopholes. The latest was that she was in a Nursing Home where she found used needles in the bed. She was changed to another one. In less than a year and a half, she passed away. Her last words: “I want to go home, I don’t want to die.” So, I don’t think that looking at this Lady, as ripping her boobs out, doesn’t sound courageous or “glamorous” at all. I would admire the victims that can’t afford not even on tests, doctor visits, medications and they have to wait until the last moment at the ER, when their doctor pronounce this ripping illness.


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