Way to Go, USA! Show your Racist Pride!

Besides the Cherrios interracial ad that proved how racist and ignorant the comments went, there’s also a very different case in Alabama when a High School Student proud of her Native American Heritage showed a feather on her graduation. For that the school has taken away her diploma and her transcript unless she pay $1000.00 in fines. Their “law” stipulates any student and the staff should NOT wear extraneous graduations exercises unless approved by the administration. But how come a feather which is their symbol of their impressive heritage¬† is extraneous? If Latinos and Blacks shows their pride in a graduation without negative consequences, why Native Americans are still shunned for doing so?

That’s what I heard a story from a friend of mine about her Grandmother. She experienced the worst attack at her heritage when the government brainwashed Native American children into their “American” lifestyle while robbing their lands and left them to a life of alcohol, drug abuse and violence. Her grandmother was abused physically by their “teachers” if she don’t obey their orders of what she supposed to learn.

It seems that a great celebration by Chelsey Ramer had turned into a sour moment all because she want to show her roots, her heritage by wearing a feather. It’s very humiliating and embarrassing to see stories of different races being prosecuted because they have an identity beyond the “Caucasian European” mindset.

Another thing that schools are doing is the stipulation of zero-tolerance where students are victims of loopholes created by the administration and are hit with fines, suspensions or not being able to graduate. Doesn’t suppose free speech comes into view? And doesn’t suppose by the time they’re Seniors and they graduate, they have their first glimpse into the world of adulthood? It seems sad, that Chelsey is taking a hard call of the real world. A world that rules, no matter how crazy or stupid, apply and harsh the innocent just for being human. Welcome to 1984, everybody!


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