Multiracial Outrage?

This week it was backlash after another when one of the most iconic breakfast cereals, Cherrios posted an ad online about an interracial family and their relationship with the cereal. It portrayed a multiracial girl with a white mother and a black father. While the message about how a cereal can help the heart while the girl carried the box and put the cereal content on his father’s chest, it seems a little bit sweet that a girl can care about a father. Meanwhile in reality land, people were outraged by the content because it shows a very delicate issue, interracial relationships. The comments were so huge in their cheerios page in youtube that they decided to disable the comments section. It was nothing wrong that two people of different races can love, the issue is that still, people are ignorant to consider interracial relationship more acceptable than gay relationships.

Another example, if there were two gay dads of different ethnicities doing the same thing, will the comments be insults? How about two lesbians? How about a Black woman and a white man with a multiracial kid, would it be the same? Society is very picky and hypocritical when it comes to who do we love in our hearts, with who we supposedly love based on moral standards. We still stuck in the 1800’s when Blacks are still inferior and Whites had to place their balls somewhere else besides a black women’s stuff. It sounds harsh but still in this era, Black don’t have a stable identity, a history that can relate or be proud to or even to know where they’re coming from or what’s their purpose.

While this commercial seems harmless, it seems that interracial relationships could benefit or destroys part of both identities and mix it in a large bowl to create a confusing little child who could decide on both or one of them while trying to adapt or assimilate the one or the other world. But if many celebrities specially Black men marries White females and are accepted, why not normal people who do the same thing?

What these groups are trying to say about this? Black women complain that there’s no Black men available except when they’re in jail, or dead or married with a white chick and they go up and beyond being single mothers. White males are frustrated with the issue that they’re out of options and opt for foreign ladies, mail order brides and sugar daddies.

The issue is very dysfunctional. It’s just about deciding what type of society are we’re gonna be?


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