Pay to Play anyone?

Recently, if you don’t know what’s going on about the internet, what’s to do and not to do. I found some devastating news that major US internet providers like Verizon, AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast. and Time Warner “voluntary” signed an agreement with Movie and Music companies to crack down on online “piracy” and copyright “infringement” by implementing the six strikes, when you’re out of those six, you’re literally disconnected. But here’s what it doesn’t fit with the information. They say that they’re not monitoring the users to find out who’s downloading “illegal” music or movies. But that’s a lie, because every site you been visiting you’re being watched, constantly.

I remember in ’98 I was “surfing” online for the first time and it was a gateway to the whole world. It wasn’t great at the time, but it was evolving. Seeing the ups and downs on the internet world, now it seems that more corporations are putting slowly the brakes on the internet and use it for their own gain. In other terms, if you want to see movies, download music and view content you have to use your credit or debit card and do it. There’s no way you can share your own content to people who want or need it like they used to when they were using Napster, or any P2P software. Now, we have to be truly careful with what content you download for your own use or use alternate route.

But wait a minute! These music CEO’s sees only dollar signs in their eyes when it’s on the internet! Because it is NOT regulated for the consumers 100%, it’s starting to be regulated by every movie, music and TV company since they’re “losing” money on traditional grounds. And consumers have to stop that from happening. What will happen if in the next few months, seeing a video on youtube or listening internet radio or watch some movie or TV show could or will cost you $5.00 a minute or so. After you pay an exorbitant amount on cable internet, now you don’t have other choice to pay extra money on content. If people weren’t that stupid, these corporations wouldn’t be taking advantage of it. Your call.


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