Dude, Where’s Your Bible?

Christianity and Humanity doesn’t mix well, except there’s people like the notorious Pat Robertson who for decades every time he talks on his show “The 700 Club” it’s always sounds like he’s high or dumb as a kite. From the moronic to the occasional controversial bites, Mr. Robertson’s last straw was the issue of “counseling” when a viewer named Ivy was asking him, if she can forgive him and trust for his husband’s cheating. In that moment, Pat lost his marbles on replying a lame excuse “Oh, he’s just a man.” Among other issues, “Males have a tendency to wander a little bit, and what you want to do is make the home so wonderful that he doesn’t want to wander.”

Ok, at 83 years old doesn’t suppose to have some dignity (if he have some left) and quit “The 700 Club?” Why we have to deal with this guy who is lost on believing in God and believing in his ego?  I wonder how many screw up people are because of his commentaries. It makes the Bible and Christianity looks very bad.

To say without consulting God’s wisdom and Bible knowledge, it’s like going up a cliff and have this blind faith that God is going to catch you when He just said “Don’t GO there.”  And Pat is going above what God is saying. And there you have it, you have a car crash. What happen if it was a woman cheating on his husband? I would be I hear “Stone the Bitch” all over the soundwaves.

About Adultery or Cheating, it’s a double edge sword that can destroy the trust and true love of your significant other.  It’s the couple’s best interests no matter what they beliefs are to fix their relationship. It’s not easy, but hell, it takes time. Many couples have been dealing with it and some have succeeded in fixing it. It’s about dedication, not blaming on themselves or keep playing the game.

I think this time Pat should retire for the sake of Christians everywhere and for the sake of himself.

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