Damaged Credit? No Job.

I used to understand that in order to get a job, you must have to have all the information the employer requests, like your name, address, any job experience, references and the most important question, “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” If you answered with a yes, the final decision would be upon the employers hands if you’re gonna get hired.

But now a days, employers are actually distrustful of soon to be employees, that they have to find out if they’re legal citizens, if they’re using drugs, or the most important and most discriminatory tactic they use: YOUR CREDIT.

Based on the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, employers can’t discriminate because of sex, religion, national origin, age, disability or genetic information. But employers are discriminating the other way around by checking their credit check. I wonder since when these people started to think outside the box like that? Even in the recession a person who was months unemployed depending on unemployment benefits running out at any moment, finding a job is a never ending quest of disappointments where they don’t receive the news the dearly wanted and bills are piling up, unexpected illness occurs and they’re stuck between living under a roof to living inside the car or homeless.

But not all is lost. In 2009 the Congress enacted a bill called H.R. 3149 (111th): Equal Employment for All Act which make it illegal and discriminatory for all employers using consumer credit checks to determine new candidates eligibility for a job. Sadly, this bill is still in phase one, and not many Americans know this bill. By making this bill into law, employers don’t have any other choice than hire potential candidates based on their performance and their criminal background, not their finnancial status. So, if you want your dream job, you better write your senator or congressmen in your area, make this bill sign into law so that every company can’t get away with it.

By the way, even though I’m a responsible, hard working individual my credit score is 543.


One thought on “Damaged Credit? No Job.

  1. Having a bad credit really gives a domino-like effect. Not only loan applications are threatened but as well as ones job opportunity. So the most basic advice is be aware of your credit score and do not let something to damage it.

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