Oversensitive Pussies

What I’m gonna do with this generation? Its driving me nuts with their sensitivity regarding race, sex, nationality where everything they see that’s stereotyping it’s offensive. Not comical or original… just plain offensive.

First, two cases: The Mountain Dew ad on their website made by Tyler, The Creator (From Loiter Squad) featured a group of African-American guys in the interrogation room along with a goat while a white woman bruised and in crutches is finding the responsible who hit her. The ad was pulled from the market because of stereotyping Black males as criminals or hoodlums and violence towards women. But ignored the comical relief of the main character which was the goat.

Second case: A GM ad which shows a guy from the 1930’s curious about the new Trax compact SUV. The background music is the remake from Austrian DJ Parov Stelar of a 1930’s song by Lil Hardin Armstrong & The Swing Orchestra “Oriental Swing” which their lyrics:

Now, in the land of Fu Manchu,
The girls all now do the Suzie-Q,
Clap their hands in the center of the floor,
Saying, “Ching, ching, chop-suey, swing some more!”

Are now deemed offensive. Since when? Oriental Swing is about interesting parts of the East. Not about denigrating or offending Chinese! What the hell is wrong with you, people! The ad is beautiful, mixing the old with the new and for just one verse, “oh we have to pull this ad ’cause it’s offensive to Asian People.” Since when it’s offensive? This song is from the late 30’s and it wasn’t offensive.  Why the exaggeration? Why the Political Correctness that makes everybody feel like Douches and Assholes? I definitely have a problem, it’s called oversensitivity over stupid subjects.


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