Nowhere to Hide, Nowhere to be Buried

Tamerlan Tsarnaev is in dire straits. First, he committed along with his brother Dzhokhar the Boston Marathon explosion causing a few deaths and hundreds injured. Second, he was a man on the run. Third, the authorities after a few days of looking finally found him and killed him. And Fourth, not every single funeral home in the country doesn’t want anything to do with his corpse. Every few of the victims have been given a proper burial, why not Tsarnaev?

The reasons were from reputations being tarnished from funerals to plain hatred. And I ask myself where’s the sensitivity in this issue? He’s dead, there’s nothing he can do now. He’s lifeless. He was someone’s brother, nephew,  husband, son, father. He did this because of his beliefs and for that Americans shunned his life and death body, just like they did with Adam and Nancy Lanza who made Hitler look like a saint. What we become? Heartless? Not giving a fuck? Gosh, we are becoming worst than Scrooge instead of hating Christmas, we’re hating human beings for what the media have been showing. Where’s the compassion in that?

There’s other alternatives, like Cremation, but his family doesn’t believe in it. His family are and I don’t blame them. Even the infamous Muslim community doesn’t want anything to do with it. What about burying in Dagestan, Russia their parents place instead? They’re stuck between a rock and a steel plate. No matter what, my condolences to everyone involved in such tragedy.

Did we left compassion at the door?


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