Always Bad Shopping Experience… Always

I used to like Walmart. It was a place that I could find the stuff that I need for less than any local supermarket in this small town I live. If a brand name is expensive based on my budget, I would settle for their generic ones. It have been every two weeks for the 4 or 5 years with no stress. But in the last months, Walmart started decaying itself, slowly but surely from the unfilled stocks of products that didn’t arrive on time or didn’t have the right quantities of employees to work on, to the awful lack of cleanliness it suppose to have. And soon my shopping experience have been turned into a horror flick dreading the day that I have to buy the stuff until the next paycheck arrives. So instead I tried to buy the stuff elsewhere even if I have to drive 50 miles away or spend a little bit more. And yes, there’s Walmart stores as well to spend a visit. There were also other changes to minimize the trip. I buy the meat in a local store. Or buy some of the easy items at Grocery Outlet or Dollar Store. That is, if I have enough money.

But yesterday, it hit my nerves. Shopping just to get the shampoo they used to carry for my curly hair, plus the generic brand of soda its more impossible than asking Obama money. I was mad. How can a billion dollar store went so low on cutting hours to employees, delivering crappy service and missing or changed items? Are this company in trouble? Meanwhile, I would go somewhere else, please.



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