I’m Confused.

Honestly, We are Racists by heart. Don’t get me wrong and let me say it one more time. We are Racist by heart. Our reasons can be founded or unfounded upon rumors, facts and other information from neighbors to the media about certain behaviors, actions and movements that people of other ethnicity, skin color or nationality supposedly represent. Even we’re discriminating against tattooed individuals, gays, women, and even your dog. It’s a bad habit, a costly one even in this “modernized” century where it supposed to “love and appreciate” one another like hippies outta way to the Woodstock smoking a joint, we’re doing the exact opposite. We are destroying each other with hurtful words and immature actions.

And what’s confusing and puzzling to me is that I thought we’re already done with the segregation, Jim Crow, KKK’s, White Supremacists and Black Panthers. But in 2013, I doubt it. I definitely doubt it. Still, living in this country made me realize that Racism, discrimination is well and alive in the open, where other countries deal with this secretly. And it’s embarrassing, that in the South still celebrates segregated proms, until now, still people are scared to death about gay marriage and why they’re opposed to it, even thought they’re influenced by false rumors and gossip from society and media. And don’t forget the hatred without merit against Latinos and confuse every Latino as Mexicans. Honestly, we’re behaving like spoiled little children for too long. And I just imagine if a foreign country would invade even a vulnerable state, we’re doomed. Doomed because we don’t trust one another. Doomed because we think we’re better by ourselves. Doomed, read it again: DOOMED!

The damage of racism hurt families, communities and the country. How can politicians don’t address this issue? Why families can’t get healed and move on? Why communities shove qualifying individuals and shut the door in their faces because based on their difference? Still, Americans can’t grasp the concept of Diversity and Unity, but they easily get Segregation, Discrimination and Ignorance written all around their foreheads, and it’s now to fix it.

One thought on “I’m Confused.

  1. This society needs an overhaul. As you say, politicians don’t address this issue, and in fact are often the promoters of divisive attitudes and policies that affect everybody. It’s time to create something new where being a racist at heart is not the norm.

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