Don’t complain. If you’re not ready to settle down, don’t get married.

I’m in Mc Donalds right now for one reason only… cause they have wi-fi. After  an excrusiating and stressful day at work, I visit the parking lot of Mc Donalds after I buy something in the drive thru. Listening to 1920’s music, seriously do you readers think that I’m just gonna listen to autotuned crap? I don’t think so! In between sips and crunch of my chemically made food, I didn’t stop looking at a young woman perhaps in her late 30’s driving by in a SUV with out of state plate parking her way in the front spot. As she exited the gas guzzler car, she was well dressed with tight jeans black boots a blouse and a sweater, a black pick up truck came in and parked next to it. A few minutes later it was a man in his late 30’s and was taking his two kids to her. And that’s where it hits me. A divorced couple sharing their kids. And it pisses me off.

How come in this generation they just want to give up so easily, specially when it comes to marriage, commitment, partnership? And when it call it quit their children suffer? In the past generations couples stood together in he good and in the bad times. Even delicate subjects such as infidelity, infertility and financial problems. These couples were willing to work it out and fix it. And they stood until their end. It wasn’t perfect but that was loves, responsibility and commitment.

Now a days, if the couple have a fight, there’s hell to pay. Or if the husband lose his job, or some other issue, the relationship is over. It’s a shame that men and women are taking marriage for granted, and think that is a lavish wedding celebration, but forgetting about compatibility and understand other persons needs and wants.

That’s why if a person is not ready to get into the next level, and if the person don’t want to face the struggle of divorce (because divorce is no easy ride either), DON’T GET MARRIED!


2 thoughts on “Don’t complain. If you’re not ready to settle down, don’t get married.

  1. You’re the first one in a long time to reply. I’m glad I’m not talking to myself. Blessings!

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