You Forgot Your Role, Sweetie!

I saw this news about a female trying to be in the NFL. This is no April Fools or any other tasteless joke, but Lauren Silberman tried to participate in the NFL tryouts. But instead, she became the joke of the town. And that’s how I saw it. A bad joke. How come a woman can be in par with muscled athletic men in such a dangerous and risky sport as Football? Let me tell you first before you judge, she’s not a unemployed dreamer tomboy thinking she have balls and a dick. She was a graduate at MIT, and a former soccer player. But soccer isn’t Football. And there’s a lot of excuses why she didn’t perform the way it showed on her videos. Like for example, a recent injury among other issues. But she could postpone it until next year, which she didn’t and let that ego and feminism ruined her. And there you have it. A woman, the first woman who tried for the NFL and turned into the laughingstock plus wasting 275 dollars on participating.

This come to a say that no matter how women excel in sports that are male dominated, they can’t be equally the same as guys. Sorry to be a mean bitch on the subject but, Feminism ruin what women suppose to be from the beginning they’re born ’til the moment they die. Feminism dictates that every woman can do everything that the male is doing, that we’re equals with males. Ok, if we’re equals with men that means we have a dick and balls, right? That women can handle punches in the face, carry heavy loads of concrete from point a to point b, and earn the same amount of money for their hard labor. That’s what’s happening right now. And the price to pay for becoming Feminist is very high. No wonder our present generation doesn’t have no parental guidance, because women want to provide for their children while men are pussies and sperm donors. And kids, doesn’t have their identities straight.

I truly believe that Lauren can be a good role model for girls everywhere without going into male territory. She could be a great mother and supporter of her husband, if she gets married. But this is going too far. Look what Danica Patrick did and still, she’s still the laughingstock of the race car world! Women have to know their place in society instead of trying to be all they can’t be.

Lauren and many others can be the first in doing something stupid, but they forgot their role to be mothers, wives and teachers for generations to come or… should I say trying to avoid.



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